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Has acid reflux become a problem in your life? Have you lost nights of sleep due to it? Has your esophagus been worn down to where you feel awful pain? The great news is that there is hope for controlling acid reflux, so continue reading to learn more about gaining your life back.

If you are a healthy weight, you are less likely to suffer from acid reflux. All the extra weight on your esophagus can cause the muscles at the base to loosen, allowing acid up into your esophagus. Shedding a few extra pounds could cause the sphincter to tighten and limit acid reflux.

TIP! If you smoke, it’s time to stop smoking. Smoking causes and worsens acid reflux symptoms.

For a good night’s sleep, consider putting a wedge under your mattress to raise your head up to keep acid where it belongs. Other things you can try are books, blocks of wood or anything that can help angle your mattress up. You may also find beds that are electronically controlled.

Be sure to watch what kind of foods you ate before you noticed the reflux symptoms. There are probably foods that trigger acid reflux every time. When you figure out what causes the problem to occur, you will know what foods to avoid, especially at night when it can get worse.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Many pregnant women experience acid reflux. As your baby grows, it crowds the stomach.

Acid reflux symptoms can be aggravated by vigorous exercise after meals. This can force acid into your esophagus, which can cause acid reflux. Don’t engage in vigorous exercise for at least an hour after eating.

Eat small meals frequently, instead of indulging in larger ones. If your eating pattern is to eat a couple of very large meals during the day, then you are complicating your reflux condition a lot. When your stomach is too full, it puts some pressure on the area between your stomach and esophagus, which causes it to open up to get relief. As a result, stomach acid is free to move upward and into the esophagus, where it causes heartburn and damage. A better option is to consume numerous small meals.

Engage in moderate exercise every day. It’s important the exercise stay moderate. Vigorous exercise can irritate your digestive system and even cause reflux. However, exercises that are more low-impact or moderate can help relieve acid reflux. In addition, they ensure your body is upright, allowing gravity to work in your favor, helping digestion. Exercise also causes you to lose weight, which reduces reflux.

TIP! If you smoke and have acid reflux, you may wish to quit. When you smoke, nicotine stimulates the production of stomach acid, exacerbating the problem.

Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol if you have acid reflux. Alcohol increases stomach acid production. If you need to drink alcohol on occasion, limit yourself to only a couple of glasses at the most; however, you really should aim to consume alcohol-free beverages when you can.

What are your trigger foods? Some of the foods known to trigger reflux include mint, citrus, garlic, tomatoes, onions, fizzy drinks and caffeinated beverages. Each person with acid reflux is unique, so it is important to pay attention to what affects you and then go from there.

It might be time to eliminate some stress from your life. Overeating or eating during stressful periods can lead to production of stomach acid, which then leads to heartburn. When you are done with your meal, engage in a yoga session. Never lie down; stay up!

TIP! It is important to stay upright while you eat and for two or three hours after you eat as well. This allows gravity to assist in keeping the acid in your stomach where it belongs.

Shed some weight if you have some extra pounds to spare. Being overweight can really contribute to your acid reflux symptoms. Additional pressure is put on your stomach when you are overweight; therefore, acid reflux is more likely to occur. Shedding just a few pound helps relieve this pressure.

Spaghetti and pizza can be a problem if you are prone to the symptoms of acid reflux. When cooking with tomato sauces, adding some sugar can cut their acidity. This sweetens the sauce and makes it better for eating.

If pregnancy is the cause of your reflux, you may need to find what your triggers are. It could be something very small, like eating too late in the evening. By identifying your triggers, you can avoid them in the future.

TIP! Don’t exercise right after a meal. Contractions of the lower stomach during exercise can cause undigested food to be forced upwards in the esophagus.

Avoid large meals near bedtime. Eat at least three hours in advance if you want to sleep. Your stomach acid will cause reflux when you try to sleep with a full stomach.

If you experience blood in your stool or vomit, you must see a doctor immediately. It could mean you have developed a far more serious condition than acid reflux, so do not hesitate to contact your doctor right away. If you actually have something apart from acid reflux, it may be that it can be treated quickly and easily.

Limit the amount of beverages you drink with your meals. Beverages are absorbed into your food causing your stomach to be overly full. A full stomach can put pressure upon the esophageal sphincter. This muscle works by keeping your food in your stomach after a meal.

TIP! Acid reflux can be so incredibly hurtful at times that it may cause you to think it could be a heart attack. Always be mindful of serious chest pain you experience.

Having smoothies on a daily basis can keep acid reflux at bay. Mix some romaine lettuce, a banana, a pear, an apple, lemon juice, spinach, water, and celery in a blender. Not only is this drink healthy for you, it will help to keep your acid reflux under control. This mixture is also a good way to reduce stomach acid.

Is nighttime heartburn an issue for you? If so, think about your sleeping positions. Lie on a different side if you notice you are waking up in pain. If you make this choice, your stomach acid will not be as likely to re-enter your esophagus.

If you suffer from acid reflux you should be exercising regularly. Exercise benefits your body and mind in countless ways, especially where acid reflux is concerned. It keeps your whole body healthy, including your digestive organs. When you exercise too hard, you may increase your symptoms, so stay at a moderate level.

TIP! Take the time to eat slowly. Try eating until you are still a little hungry.

Are you aware of how to stop the agony of acid reflux? Can you once again sleep through the night now? Do you know how important it is to to control symptoms so that your esophagus can heal? Now that you’ve learned how to control your acid reflux, you can get on with your life.