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A great meal can be really enjoyable unless you have acid reflux and heartburn to ruin it afterwards. This article is filled with useful tips you need to know about if you are dealing with acid reflux. Apply it liberally, and you can resume your love of eating.

Make sure you eat dinner at least three hours before bed. The upright position will force acids to make their way to your stomach. The acid could easily rise if you lay down. Thus, you need to delay going to bed.

Drink between meals, not during them. Many people feel hungry, but they are actually just thirsty. Additionally, you will help to minimize the amount of acid that is produced.

Keep track of what foods cause your symptoms. Trigger foods vary from person to person. Whenever you pinpoint the foods that cause your acid reflux, you should avoid them as much as possible, especially during the evening hours.

Do not exercise within an hour of eating your meal. When lower abdominal muscles tighten during a work out, this can lead to food moving back into the esophagus. Wait an hour or more following a meal to exercise.

TIP! It is important to stay upright while you eat and for two or three hours after you eat as well. If you don’t, acid is more likely to rise up toward the esophagus.

Don’t wear super tight clothes. Belts, underwear, pantyhose and skinny jeans are some typical culprits. This adds more pressure around your stomach. This can lead to heartburn and reflux symptoms. Do not wear tight fitting or uncomfortable clothing across your stomach and chest area.

Acid Reflux

There is a way to stop exercise-induced acid reflux. The solution is drinking more water. Water fulfills your need for hydration. Also, it aids in digestion. Water can dilute the acid present in your stomach and make acid reflux less painful.

TIP! Exercising right after a meal can aggravate your acid reflux. Food from your stomach will move into your esophagus if you work out low abdominal muscles.

Alcohol is another no-no. It has two major effects on your body; it increases the amount of acid in your stomach and it destroys your stomach lining, both of which exacerbate acid reflux. Reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible and quit drinking if you experience acid reflux every time you drink.

Moderate exercise often helps alleviate acid reflux. Be careful not to overdo it. High impact exercise can make it worse, but low impact exercise can make it much better. Exercises like this keeps your body in an upright stance, which keeps the acids in your stomach down. Moderate exercise also helps you lose weight and reduces heartburn.

If you’re overweight, try to lose some weight. All that excess weight is only making your acid reflux worse. The excess weight can force acid into your esophagus from your stomach. This damages the lining of your esophagus. If you want to keep your weight under control, then diet and exercise are key.

TIP! Sometimes, reflux symptoms can seem very similar to the symptoms of a heart attack. Don’t ignore really bad chest pains.

While eating, minimize the amount of beverages you consume. Combining liquid with your foods increases the amount of pressure and volume in your stomach. This excess stress and pressure make reflux happen. Just take little sips of your drink when eating and have full glasses when you’re not eating.

Gluten is a major acid reflux trigger. People with heartburn and acid reflux should avoid grains such as oats, barley and wheat. There are some grains, such as millet and quinoa that can actually aid digestion.

Do not lie down less than two hours after every meal in order to avoid acid reflux. When you stand or sit up, gravity will help to keep acid reflux at bay. How long you have to wait post-meal will vary from meal to meal and person to person.

TIP! Try to keep your weight down if you want to beat acid reflux. Some additional weight in your midsection could be responsible for your acid reflux problem.

It is hard to enjoy your meal when you have to worry about acid reflux symptoms. Follow the tips presented here to deal with acid reflux and heartburn quickly and effectively. This way you can actually look forward to your meals.