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No one is immune from experiencing acid reflux. This condition affects over 33 percent of Americans. Given how prevalent it is, the lack of knowledge about beating it is alarming. This article is a great way to figure out how to tame this beast.

Slippery elm is an herbal supplement that can thicken the mucous membranes that line the stomach. It does this by helping to protect your stomach against acidity. The majority of people drink on or two tablespoons with water right after eating and before going to bed to maximize the relief of the remedy.

TIP! Food can make your acid reflux problems worse. The speed that you eat and the amount will both contribute to acid reflux problems.

It’s important to remain upright when you are eating as well as up to three hours afterwards. If you don’t, acid is more likely to rise up toward the esophagus. By sitting or standing upright, your acid reflux will be significantly improved.

Heart Attack

Acid reflux can be so incredibly hurtful at times that it may cause you to think it could be a heart attack. Don’t ignore any major pains in your chest. It could be a heart attack. Call a doctor as soon as you can for help. You never want it to be the case that a misdiagnosis on your part led to more serious issues.

TIP! Get your fluid intake between your meals instead of while you are eating. This can help you cope with hunger as you are going to be thirsty.

Acid reflux can be triggered by certain foods in most people. Avoid consuming such foods to reduce your symptoms. Among these items are carbonated and acidic beverages, high fat fast food, alcohol, tomatoes, milk, coffee and hot/spicy foods.

You should reduce your stress as much as possible. Stress is a major cause of producing too much stomach acid which can cause inflammation and heartburn. What causes your anxiety? Put it to rest.

Pregnancy can cause acid reflux due to the baby pushing the stomach. Ask your doctor what you should if it happens to you.

Acid Reflux

Elm lozenges are a good treatment against acid reflux. The primary ingredient in this product helps to form a protective coating on your esophagus. This lozenge also works to prevent the cough that acid reflux can cause. They can be found at most health food and natural remedy outlets.

Avoid overindulging in alcohol if you have frequent acid reflux. Alcohol consumption is a major cause of excessive production of stomach acids. If you still decide to drink, be sure to limit your intake and search for a drink that doesn’t give you acid reflux.

Trigger Foods

What are your trigger foods? Certain foods are most likely to cause acid reflux. These include high-fat foods, caffeine, citrus, spicy foods, tomatoes, garlic, carbonated beverages, mints, and alcohol. Of course, different people have different trigger foods, so if these do not cause problems, you can certainly still have them.

Try not to drink too much when eating a meal. You increase the load your stomach is taking when you fill it with fluids on top of food. This added stress can lead to acid reflux. Instead only take tiny sips of water during the meal, and save drinking full glasses until between meals.

TIP! Reflux sometimes feels like a heart attack. Never ignore serious chest pains.

Stop eating at least three hours before you go to sleep. This will give your stomach enough time to digest while you are awake. Heartburn is often the result of eating directly before turning in for the night.

If you are pregnant and your pregnancy triggered your acid reflux, try and see what could be the cause. Something normally innocuous, like drinking water late at night, could cause acid reflux in a pregnant woman. By identifying your triggers, you can avoid them in the future.

Spicy Foods

TIP! There are particular foods that help trigger acid reflux. Therefore, you need to moderate your consumption of them in order to relieve your symptoms.

Avoid eating spicy foods in the evening if you suffer from acid reflux. Jalapenos, other peppers, chili and Mexican food are good examples of these. Spicy foods are a trigger for acid reflux and they cause indigestion too.

Try not to consume too much liquid when you have your meals. Beverages are absorbed into your food causing your stomach to be overly full. A full stomach means more pressure than your esophageal sphincter can handle. This muscle holds food in your stomach, which is where it should be.

Add exercise into your daily routine. Exercise brings numerous benefits, including a lower incidence of reflux pain. Exercising can help keep your body working like it should and that includes your stomach and digestive system. You may be working out too hard if your stomach is bothered afterwards.

TIP! Think about the things that stress you out and limit them as much as you can. Stress can produce more acid, which will come up through your stomach and cause acid reflux.

After eating, chew on some fruit or cinnamon gum. Chewing gum helps your saliva production. The saliva can neutralize stomach acid that can cause reflux. Avoid chewing mint flavored gum because it can exacerbate acid reflux. Take a pack with you when you go out to help with your mid-day attacks.

It is no comfort to know that immense numbers of people in the U.S. suffer from acid reflux. If you’re one of them, take action against the condition. Utilize these great tips so that you can eliminate your acid reflux.