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What is Omega 3? A Definitive, “No Nonsense” Guide

What is Omega 3, you ask? Why, it will save your life, help your brain, skin, libido, change your personality and make your hair grow back!

Just kidding on those last two, sorry! Maybe not that libido part though at least I hope I am not kidding… But let’s be serious here guys. A lot has been said about Omega 3 and I would like to try and contribute a guide as to what Omega 3 is and what it isn’t. What it can do and what it definitely not do.

So first what it can do:

1. It can improve your brain function soothe

Omega 3 is a long chain fatty acid that helps makes up essential parts of your brain (The parts that facilitate communication).

There are studies that show increased intelligence in infants who’s mothers take large quantities of Omega 3. There are clinical studies that show an inverse relationship in Alzheimer’s patients and on and on. Basically it is essential for brain health.

2. It can help your eyes

About 90% of your eyes are made up of Omega 3 fatty acids, and I know many people that have seen (Pun Alert!) great results from taking pure Omega 3 supplements.

3. It can help your heart

Not that your heart has an Omega 3 deficiency, but it has one main heart friendly property.

It counteracts Omega 6, which is also an essential fatty acid but one in which the average American diet is super, super high in. In fact an oil which it is found in (Soy Oil) is found in almost all processed foods and makes up 30% of the calories that an average American will consume!

This imbalance can causes inflammation and high blood pressure. Omega 3 brings this balance back when taking in the proper amount to balance out your Omega 6 (see your doctor or Naturopath for what is right for you).

It can help your joints

Note in the previous example that Omega 6 causes inflammation. This inflammation does not only effect your veins in heart disease but your joints as well. By bringing your body more into balance with Omega 3 you also bring down that inflammation and so help your aching joints.

These are the primary benefits of Omega 3.

Are there other benefits?

Yes! But there are mainly side benefits. Maybe it helps your heart and reduces your stress and so helps your libido because you are not stressed out all the time now. But it doesn’t suddenly make you make you more errr.. lively in the sack, umm.. etc.

It just an added possible benefit, but shouldn’t be taken for that benefit. Because it may or may not happen but those that I have already listed will happen (If taken in proper dosage).

In conclusion, just take Omega 3 for it’s main benefits and let the other benefits flow naturally.

For your Health!


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