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If you have acid reflux, you’re aware of how bad it can hurt. But don’t keep putting up with it. Read this article to learn how to manage your condition. Keep reading to find out the information that you need.

Stop smoking now. Smoking exacerbates acid reflux and actually can be a cause of it. It can slow down your digestion and also your saliva production as well. This can also have a negative effect on the esophagus. This is why you should quit today.

TIP! If you have a weight that is proportional to your height, GERD is less likely to occur. This condition occurs when fat weighs down on the stomach.

Certain particular foods help produce acid reflux in your esophagus. Caffeine based foods, chocolate, and even fried foods are common culprits. Other big contributors include acidic foods, including citrus fruits and tomatoes. The triggers are different with everyone, so make sure you identify your own. Just avoid all these foods to be safe.

Acid Reflux

Keep track of the foods that might be causing your acid reflux. Most acid reflux sufferers find that certain foods trigger their acid reflux. After figuring out your triggers, you can avoid these foods.

TIP! Some foods tend to trigger the effects of acid reflux. Among them are chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods.

Reflux sometimes feels like a heart attack. You should not ignore chest pains. You very well could be having a heart attack. Call your doctor at once to determine the cause. You never want it to be the case that a misdiagnosis on your part led to more serious issues.

Elm lozenges are a good treatment against acid reflux. The active ingredient, slippery elm bark, protects the lining of your digestive tract. They also help to calm coughing and soothe irritation. You can find them at any health food stores and natural food stores near you.

Were you aware that alkaline or acid in food isn’t indicative of the food’s pH level? Lemons, while acidic foods, are alkaline once digestion takes place. This can be confusing to you. Learn about what foods do once digested.

TIP! If you smoke and suffer from acid reflux, you need to consider quitting. Nicotine sparks stomach acid production, causing a rise in acid reflux flares.

Stay away from high-fat foods. Eat fast food, fried foods and red meat in very small quantities. You can find the fat content of foods by reading the labels. Label reading is a developed skill and easy once you learn the basics.

You need to relax. Eating while stressed can increase the amount of acid in your stomach. You should do something relaxing after eating. Never lay down after a meal.

To reduce acid reflux symptoms, consume your last meal of the day a minimum of three hours before you settle in for sleep. For instance, if you hit the sack at 11, you should be eating your last meal before 8. In a fully reclined position, a full stomach places significant pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter muscle. This is what causes an acid reflux attack.

TIP! Try raising your bed’s head. Use a wedge or a plank to raise the head of your bed.

Avoid drinking fluids during your meals. Drinking while you eat can put additional stress on your stomach. This leads to acid reflux. Drink full glasses or water only between meals, and stick to small sips during meals.

Do not eat a meal within 3 hours of going to bed. The stomach cannot process the food you have eaten properly when sleeping. When you eat close to bedtime, you will probably be awoken from heartburn.

If acid reflux is your issue, keep yourself in an upright position for two hours or more after eating. Gravity is the most obvious method for beating acid reflux. Listen to your body. The period of time you must remain upright is an individual matter. It also depends on what you have eaten.

TIP! Don’t wear tight clothes. This means beware of tight belts, waistbands and pantyhose.

Avoid eating spicy foods in the evening if you suffer from acid reflux. Mexican food is one to avoid, as it contains a lot of acid reflux causing ingredients. These spicy foods can trigger both acid reflux and indigestion, creating serious discomfort.

Remember to seek medical attention, as soon as possible, if you find blood in your vomit or stool. This can signal a very severe medical issues. If your diagnosis is something other than acid reflux, you may be able to treat your problem quickly and efficiently.

Don’t smoke! In addition to the health benefits of quitting smoking, it will help with acid reflux. When you smoke you increase stomach acid and slow digestion. It also reduces saliva production. If you cannot quit, then do not smoke immediately after eating. Wait a minimum of two hours.

TIP! Shed excess pounds to decrease the impact of acid reflux. The most common situation leading to acid reflux is being overweight.

What you drink is important when it comes to acid reflux. You should avoid drinking too many sodas with your meals. While you may not go this far, controlling what you drink is key to controlling acid reflux.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink if you deal with acid reflux often. Alcohol can lead to acid reflux. Drinking alcohol regularly will make the situation worse, but a drink here and there is okay.

Avoid wearing tight belts or tight clothing. This will constrict your stomach, making your symptoms worse. You should wear only loose clothes so your stomach is not put under too much stress. If you want to wear belts, do not wear them too tightly.

TIP! Try doing moderate exercise to alleviate acid reflux symptoms. Make sure you keep it simple and at a moderate level for best success.

Slippery elm lozenges, which can be found at health food stores, are an excellent way to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. These lozenges will protect your digestive track, make acid reflux less painful and treat coughing. Doing this, along with making a few alterations to the way you live your life, can help your situation.

You need to use these tips to eliminate your acid reflux for good. Avoid having acid in your throat when trying to go about your daily life. Rather, put the brakes on the condition once and for all with this advice.