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Are you plagued with acid reflux symptoms? Has it caused you too many nights of insomnia? Are you suffering extreme pain? You can control acid reflux, and the following steps will show you how to change your life and end the suffering.

Be sure to eat supper three hours before going to bed. When you remain upright, your food and stomach acids stay put in the stomach. If you lie down, acid can move into the esophagus. That is why you should wait a few hours prior to sleeping.

TIP! If you stay at a weight that is healthy you will be unlikely to suffer from GERD. At the end of your esophagus is a sphincter, and excess fat can press down on this and cause it to relax.

Acid reflux pain can be managed by eliminating peppers, hot sauce and other spicy foods from the diet. These foods can worsen acid buildup in the digestive tract and worsen your symptoms. You can experience relief by avoiding this type of food.

Chew a stick of gum, preferrably cinnamon, after your meal. Chewing gum helps to stimulate your saliva glands. The saliva will help neutralize stomach acid. In addition, people swallow more when they chew gum, which allows any acid that may be in the esophagus to be cleared away. If not cinnamon gum, fruit flavors work as well. Mint gums can exacerbate the problem.

Wear Tight Clothes

TIP! Pregnancy can cause acid reflux in women. The baby’s growth tends to crowd the contents of the stomach, forcing acid into the esophagus.

Don’t wear tight clothes. Pantyhose, belts and bands around the waist can be the worst. There will be added pressure on the stomach if you wear tight clothes. Heartburn symptoms will soon be on their way. Wear clothes that do not constrict you and that give your stomach room to breathe.

If reflux is occurring after strenuous exercise, you might be able to find some easy relief. Enjoy a tall glass of water. Water keeps your body from becoming dehydrated, from the inside out. In addition, it aids in food digestion. Water can dilute the acid present in your stomach and make acid reflux less painful.

Do not lay down after you finish with a meal. Laying down can cause your digestive tract to have problems working effectively. Remaining in a seated position allows you to bypass the unpleasant effects of acid reflux.

TIP! Some foods tend to trigger the effects of acid reflux. Fried foods, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and even chocolate are common triggers for acid reflux.

Take the time to eat slowly. Rather than consuming your entire meal all at once, stop before you get full. Relax, sit upright at a table and chew your food thoroughly. Eating too fast or past the point of feeling full can worsen your acid reflux. An excellent method of slowing down your eating is putting down your fork or spoon after you have taken each bite.

Acid Reflux

Exercise moderately to help get your acid reflux under control. Moderation is key. Vigorous exercises can cause acid reflux. However, low impact exercises, such as walking, can really help your symptoms. Doing upright exercises can help gravity help you digest your food. Moderate exercise helps you lose weight too.

TIP! Do not smoke if you suffer from acid reflux. Nicotine causes acid reflux to get worse.

Try not to drink too much alcohol if you suffer from acid reflux. Alcohol greatly increases stomach acid production. If you must drink alcohol, try drinking at most a couple of glasses and look for alcohol or wine that doesn’t worsen your symptoms of acid reflux.

Were you already aware that food with acid and alkaline are unrelated to a food’s pH level? Lemons and other foods that appear to be acidic are high in alkaline when digested. This can be quite confusing. To lessen your suffering from acid reflux, become well informed about the pH of foods that you enjoy,

Acid reflux should never be self-diagnosed. If you are having symptoms associated with it, like cramps and regurgitation, you should go see the doctor. There are numerous other diseases that have the same or similar symptoms. Your doctor has the ability to run tests that will help figure out if it’s really acid reflux.

TIP! A good way to avoid acid reflux is by chewing cinnamon gum after meals. As you chew the gum, you will begin to produce more saliva.

Try to reduce the gluten that you consume in your diet if reflux is an issue. Eating less oats, wheat, and similar foods is optimal for preventing acid reflux. Millet and quinoa are great grains that can actually help your digestion.

Excess Weight

Shedding excess weight is almost always a good idea. Excess weight negatively impacts acid reflux. The extra weight can place a lot of pressure on your abdomen and lead to reflux. Losing a little bit of weight can really help to give you some much needed relief.

TIP! The pain from acid reflux mimics the pain of a heart attack. You should not be ignoring chest pains at any time.

A smart way to avoid heartburn is to take your time at meals, eating slowly and pausing between bites to give your stomach time to digest. Savor your food. Stop eating when you are satisfied rather than when you feel stuffed.

Avoid beverages with your meals if you have frequent acid reflux. Drinking any liquid with your dinner will increase the volume of your stomach. This adds pressure to the esophageal sphincter, raising the danger of reflux. Therefore, try to drink before and after meals in order to reduce acid reflux.

Think about what could trigger your acid reflux if it came around during your pregnancy. It could be something as little as drinking water late in the evening. By identifying your triggers, you can avoid them in the future.

TIP! If you’re active and you notice reflux symptoms following strenuous activities, there might be an easy fix. Consume water as often as possible.

Incorporate some level of physical activity into your life. Exercising is good in lots of ways. Helping to control acid reflux is just one of the benefits. Exercise keeps your body working the right way. If you experience acid reflux immediately after exercising, try low impact exercises such as walking.

Have you wondered how you can stop your suffering with acid reflux disease? You can now enjoy sleeping once again. Has the time come to regenerate and heal your esophagus? You should now have the confidence you need to get your acid reflux under control once and for all.