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The Victory Rope Torque Shuffle is first in the Power Five workout. First, use the Fusion Wall Mount to mount the Victory Rope at chest level. Start with the right side next to the wall, explosively shuffle from the wall and then drive the Victory Rope across the chest extending the right arm. Really utilize the torque of the hips to power through this lacrosse conditioning movement. Do not over rotate. Perform 12 reps on each side. Take an extended rest of one minute to 90-seconds between sets and complete 4 total sets.

The Kbands Victory Ropes should be mounted on the lowest level Fusion Wall Mount for the Victory Rope Angles Cross Pulls. Begin in a wide plank position; feet and hands are shoulder width apart to give enough stability for a powerful move. Hold the rope at a 45-degree angle from the wall with the right hand. In the plank position, pull the Victory Rope to the opposite knee, tucking into a little ball. Tighten the core and maintain resistance through the full range of motion. Do not allow the arm to simply fling back toward the wall; in a controlled movement bring the Victory Rope and knee together and then back to starting position. Keep a flat back with the hips rolled under for this movement. Complete 10 powerful reps on each side. Finish 4 total sets. Lacrosse conditioning core exercises are vital for consistent and powerful performance.

Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands for the triple lunge exercise and give the body plenty of room for full and explosive movement. The lacrosse conditioning triple lunge with Kbands will build power and endurance in the hips and glutes for powerful and explosive movements. Start with a front lunge, knee behind the toes, explode up and power to the side for a side lunge, power up and then drive the leg back for a reverse lunge and continue through the circle for 20 total lunges. Complete 20 lunges on each leg and then 2 sets. Take a small break in between sets but power through for increase endurance and power

Ballistic Band hamstring curls are the next Power Five exercise. First loop the bands on the lowest level Fusion Wall Mount. Use the lowest level resistance to begin. The key to this move will be to move quickly and get blood flowing and warm up the body. Being in the prone position, stomach on the floor and loop the Ballistic Band around the angle. Perform a hamstring curl on the left leg for 20-30 seconds and then the right leg for 20-30 seconds. Hips should never come off the ground during this move. Repeat this for a total of four sets. Next, will be double Ballistic Band hamstring curls. Increase the resistance by using both Ballistic Bands and place both ankles in the loop. Complete this greater resistance level for three sets of 30 seconds. Take 20-30 second rests in between sets.

Kbands Speed Skaters will also involve the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands Start by propelling the body with the left foot and landing on the right. Maintain explosive but controlled movements. This move will target the hips for incredible lateral hip muscle activation. Use the arms to propel the body and maintain balance. Lunge through the resistance of the Kbands to build powerful and lean leg and core. Perform the Kbands Speed Skater for six 30 seconds sets and take a 30 second break in between sets.