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Acid reflux is nothing to joke about. Rather than continuing to suffer from acid reflux, learn all you can about it to prevent it from occurring. For more insights and ideas, read on.

If you maintain a healthy weight, you are less likely to suffer from acid reflux. When you are overweight, the esophageal sphincter sometimes opens under the pressure of the excess weight. Losing weight prevents the sphincter from opening, thereby confining stomach acid to your stomach.

TIP! Eat dinner about 3 hours prior to bed. When you remain upright, your stomach acid and food is pulled down into the stomach.

If you are a smoker, consider quitting. Nicotine boost stomach acid and can cause increased occurrences of acid reflux. Avoid quitting cold turkey, as the added stress could actually intensify the problems with reflux. Take your time when quitting.

It is important to stay upright while you eat and for two or three hours after you eat as well. Lying down allows stomach acids and the contents of your stomach to move easily into your esophagus. By sitting or standing upright, your acid reflux will be significantly improved.

Restrictive Clothing

TIP! If you suffer from acid reflux, you should really consider giving up fatty foods. Foods rich in fat are harder to digest and can weaken the sphincter between your stomach and esophagus.

Don’t wear restrictive clothing. Belts, pantyhose, waistbands and other restrictive clothing put too much pressure on your stomach. When you wear clothes that are uncomfortably tight, a great deal of pressure is exerted on your stomach. This can cause acid reflux. Try wearing clothes that are comfortable and allow your stomach to breathe.

You should stay away from alcohol if you suffer from acid reflux. Alcohol can cause havoc on your stomach, which can hurt your digestive capabilities. Refrain from drinking with friends, especially if you have suffered from reflux when drinking in the past.

Get in shape. Excess weight in the abdominal region can increase the likelihood of acid reflux. Extra weight around the middle increases pressure on the stomach, causing the reflux. The more you lose, the less you will suffer.

TIP! Smokers, it is time to quit! Smoking contributes to your acid reflux. It slows down the amount of saliva you produce, increases stomach acid, and slows down digestion.

If you’re pregnant, your baby’s weight may be pushing against the stomach causing acid reflux. If this might be your case, consult a physician for appropriate remedies, in particular for later trimesters.

Fat Content

Stay away from foods with high fat content if you struggle with acid reflux. Eliminate or reduce fried foods, red meats and other unhealthy items. Examining the nutritional labels of your food choices to discover the fat content they possess.

TIP! Acid reflux is often made worse by trigger foods. Caffeine based foods, chocolate, and even fried foods are common culprits.

The last meal of each day should be consumed three hours prior to bedtime. Thus, if you plan to retire at 10:00, have your dinner by 7:00. In a fully reclined position, a full stomach places significant pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter muscle. As a result, your acid reflux will flare up.

Lose weight if you are overweight. That extra weight can be a big culprit of your acid reflux issues. This adds pressure to your stomach causing you heartburn and reflux symptoms. Your acid reflux could disappear once you get in shape.

You can minimize the symptoms of acid reflux by eating and chewing slowly at each meal. Chewing is the first step of digestion, and it is important to dedicate enough time to it. Savor each bite, as it will help with digestion. Don’t stuff yourself. Stop eating before you become too full.

TIP! Slippery elm, an herbal supplement, is believed to thicken the stomach’s mucous lining and limit erosion from acid reflux. This lining forms a protective barrier against acid.

While eating, limit the amount you are drinking to avoid reflux. Drinking will add volume to the food in your stomach. This creates more pressure on the sphincters in your esophagus and can lead to reflux. Be sure to drink a glass of water between meals and drink very little with meals.

Don’t eat large meals just before bed in the evening. It is wise to avoid eating approximately three hours prior to bedtime. Excess acids that are caused by food breaking down may cause heartburn in a full stomach when you’re laying down.

If you often experience acid reflux after going to bed, you need to make some changes to your habits. Get into the habit of sleeping on your left side. Doing this makes the acids in your stomach remain where they are.

TIP! If you are a smoker and suffer from acid reflux, you should consider quitting. The presence of nicotine in your system will cause your stomach to produce more acid than needed.

When you suffer from acid reflux you want to avoid laying down for a few hours after eating. You activate the digestive tract when eating. The process produces stomach acids in response to the food. If you don’t eat for several hours prior to going to sleep, you can cut down on the amount of stomach acid you have when you finally do lay down.

Acid Reflux

You need to use the helpful tips you’ve read to put acid reflux behind you. Do not let acid reflux make your existence miserable every day as you go about your business. Get rid of acid reflux by using this advice instead.