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Are you experiencing extreme discomfort? Does your chest feel as if it is afire? Do you seem to suffer every time you eat? Do you want the suffering to end? This article will give you wisdom. Keep reading to learn how to banish your reflux symptoms for good.

Pregnant women often start developing acid reflux. The developing baby can push acid back into the esophagus. A diet of low-fat, low-acid foods helps to prevent this. If this is not helping, look for teas that are available which help calm the esophagus while keeping the stomach acids at bay. This will not hurt the baby.

Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods and seasonings can exacerbate reflux, so avoiding them can provide relief. Spicy foods can increase the acidity in your stomach. You can experience relief by avoiding this type of food.

Some foods tend to cause acid reflux more than others. Things like fried foods, alcohol, beverages with caffeine, and chocolate are some of the most common reflux causing foods. Additionally, acidic fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits and tomatoes contribute to acid reflux. Not all foods affect every person the same way, so it may require some trial and error to determine your specific triggers. Stay away from all these foods to avoid acid reflux.

TIP! A leading cause of acid reflux is stress. When you are stressed, your body naturally produces more stomach acid.

Supplements, like slippery elm, can help reduce the impacts of acid reflux on your stomach lining. This makes sure you’re protecting the stomach from the inside. Many people mix a tablespoon or two into some water and drink it after eating or just before bed.

Reflux may feel painful enough to trick you into thinking you are suffering from a heart attack. For your health and safety, always have a doctor check out chest pains. These could be the signs of a heart attack. Talk to your doctor about your options. A misdiagnosis could lead to serious issues.

Elevate the headboard of your bed. You can use bricks, wood or even bed raisers to accomplish this. The head of the bed should be approximately six inches higher. By keeping your upper body elevated, you can prevent stomach acid from rising while sleeping.

TIP! Some foods tend to cause acid reflux more than others. Common trigger foods include fried foods, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and chocolate.

If you experience issues after working out vigorously, there might be a simple solution. Increase your intake of water. Water keeps you hydrated. You’ll also have an easier time digesting your food properly. Using water to help digest food can decrease acid production in your stomach.

Learn how to combat stress. Your stomach acid levels will rise when you are feeling the effects of stress. Identify the root of your anxiety and take steps to remove it from your daily life as soon as possible.

Slow down your eating. Try eating until you are still a little hungry. Eat while sitting down, slowly eat your food and savor it without focusing on anything else. When you eat too fast or continue eating when you feel stuffed, your symptoms will become worse. Avoid distractions that will keep you from realizing your are full, and take breaks in between courses.

TIP! Elevate the headboard of your bed. You can elevate the head of your bed using bricks, concrete or wooden blocks.

Drink water between meals and drink sparingly during meals. Drinking and eating simultaneously will put more pressure on your esophagus. This pressure can force the acid from your stomach to work their way up into the esophagus. Continued exposure to the stomach acid can harm, or possibly destroy, the lining of your esophagus.

If you are an acid reflux sufferer, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can produce excess stomach acid. If you still decide to drink, be sure to limit your intake and search for a drink that doesn’t give you acid reflux.

People who suffer from acid reflux can experience significant relief by chewing on cinnamon gum immediately after a meal. This gets your saliva glands producing fluid that counteracts stomach acids. In addition, gum makes a person swallow more often. Extra swallowing helps stomach acid to be pushed by down into the stomach.

TIP! To reduce your acid reflux symptoms, lose some weight. Obesity is a main cause of acid reflux.

If you’re carrying extra weight, make an effort to lose it. All those extra pounds are making your reflux worse, even if they are not the root cause. It puts too much pressure on your midsection and this can cause stomach problems. You can start taking control by losing even a couple of pounds.

Acid Reflux

Tomato-based foods such as spaghetti can frequently trigger your acid reflux. When cooking with tomato sauces, adding some sugar can cut their acidity. It will also add a sweet, light taste that is enjoyable, on top of it being less of a threat to your acid reflux issues.

TIP! Avoid laying down after a meal if you have acid reflux. Your digestive system has issues and the acid moves when you decide to lie down after eating.

Try not to be reclined for two or so hours following meals if you want to avoid reflux flares. Gravity is the most obvious method for beating acid reflux. The food you eat, as well as your specific body chemistry, will determine when lying down is acceptable.

Don’t eat big meals before going to sleep. It is a good idea to avoid foods for about three hours before you hit the sack. Laying down could cause the acid that is breaking up your food to rise into your chest.

Add exercise into your daily routine. Adopting a more active lifestyle is great for your health, including reducing acid reflux. Some moderate exercise after a meal will help you digest. If your stomach is upset after exercising, your workouts are probably too strenuous.

TIP! Try and do some sort of activity in which you are upright, like walking. Walking, for example, can help improve symptoms in several ways.

Stress is a risk factor for acid reflux, and must be relieved. Even though stress might not directly cause acid reflux, it does tend to lead to bad vices such as drinking, smoking and binging on food which can make the conditions of acid reflux much worse. This can help reduce the acid that is produced by your body.

You really have to really watch what types of beverages you consume and how much of them as well. Have you ever had four sodas with your dinner? You need to drink less during your meals and stay away from caffeinated drinks.

Are you now aware of how to solve your problem? Do you know what makes acid reflux worsen? Are you aware of what steps you need to take? Are you willing to improve your life? Get to it!