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If you’ve ever experienced acid reflux, then you know how painful it can be. However, you don’t have to live with it; you can do something about it starting today. Keep reading to get some terrific advice.

Your dinner should occur three hours or more prior to your bedtime. When you remain upright, your food and stomach acids stay put in the stomach. Laying down could cause acid to come back up. Allow for a couple of hours before you lay down after eating.

TIP! Drink between meals, not during them. This can significantly help you manage hunger pains, because you are likely thirsty rather than hungry.

To lessen acid reflux pain, try eliminating spicy foods such as peppers and hot sauces from your diet. These products build acid in your digestive system, leading to pain. You can experience relief by avoiding this type of food.

The herbal supplement slippery elm is effective in fighting effects of acid reflux on your stomach lining. This supplement can serve as a layer of protection in your stomach. Two tablespoons mixed with water taken post-meal and at bedtime will be a huge help.

Elevate your bed’s head. You can do this by using wood, bricks and raisers to lift the bed. Be sure your head is half a foot higher than the bottom of your bed. By elevating your chest and head, you prevent stomach acid from traveling upward to your esophagus.

Acid Reflux

Alcoholic beverages can make acid reflux worse. Consuming alcohol can end up making your acid reflux symptoms much worse. If you are having a night out with your friends, limit the amount you drink, unless you would like to feel bad once you arrive home.

Everyone has a few foods that cause them to experience acid reflux. If you avoid or limit those foods, you will have less or no acid reflux. Some of the items are coffee, milk, and spicy foods. Check around and you can easily find a full list.

TIP! Fatty foods make acid reflux more. Fatty foods cause acid to flow in the wrong direction.

If you suffer with acid reflux, don’t lay down after eating. Your digestive system has issues and the acid moves when you decide to lie down after eating. By staying upright, you can avoid acid from going into your esophagus.

Try to drink mostly in between meals if you suffer from acid reflux. If the stomach is full, the sphincter of the lower esophagus will be under excessive pressure. This pressure can force the acid from your stomach to work their way up into the esophagus. Continued exposure to the stomach acid can harm, or possibly destroy, the lining of your esophagus.

Are you aware that a food’s tendency to be acidic or alkaline actually has no bearing on its relative pH? Lemons, for example, are not acidic after they have been digested. This can be confusing to the average person. Check into food pH stats so that you can avoid foods that might trigger reflux.

TIP! To sleep well at night and prevent acid reflux, you may want to place a wedge underneath the mattress in order to keep your head raised. Bricks, wood, books – what you use it up to you.

If you’re suffering from reflux, watch out for trigger foods. Some of the foods known to trigger reflux include mint, citrus, garlic, tomatoes, onions, fizzy drinks and caffeinated beverages. Triggers differ for everyone. If many of these foods don’t trigger your symptoms, you can keep eating them.

Perhaps you could have your last meal no less than three hours prior to bedtime. Therefore, if you go to bed at 10 P.M., eat your last meal by 7 P.M. Do this because if you lie down with your stomach filled with food it puts added pressure on the LES muscle. This pushes acid up into your throat.

Drink fewer beverages during your meals. Drinking while eating just adds more stress to your stomach. It places pressure on areas that can cause reflux. It is safe to have small sips of water while you are eating.

TIP! Pregnancy can cause acid reflux in women. As the baby grows, it begins to crowd the stomach, pushing acid back up the esophagus.

You should never eat less than a few hours before going to bed. This will allow your stomach to process food efficiently. When eating right at bedtime, you might end up with acid reflux in the morning.

Now you can get busy putting the advice and tips presented here into action to eliminate your acid reflux. Don’t let it get the better of you. Instead, shut the door on acid reflux for life as you use these tips.